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Welcome to Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Restaurants and Bars located in Tokyo near Ginza

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  1. AUG 2016

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Summer Sundowners

    Enjoy the dazzling atmosphere of Tokyo’s summer nights from the rooftop of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city, with the sun setting behind Mount Fuji, and the Tokyo Tower nearby. 

  2. AUG 2016

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Guest Bartender: Terry Kim

    Hailing from Alice Bar in Gangnam, Seoul, chief mixologist & owner Terry Kim will be in our Rooftop Bar for one night only on 25 August. 
    Be sure to enjoy this opportunity to savor special cocktails by Terry from Alice Bar, as we offer a fairy-tale experience of unique creations, just like Alice in Wonderland.

  3. AUG 2016

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Artisan Salts and Caramels

    Award winning Pastry Chef Okazaki, known for his unique sweets creations, will be offering a lineup of caramel candies featuring three types of artisan salt. 

  4. AUG 2016

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Summer Wines with Tartares and Carpaccios

    Andaz Tavern’s sommelier, Nobuyori Arikawa, recommends his list of hand chosen summer wines which will be paired with refreshing tartare and carpaccio dishes to help beat the heat and keep you refreshed during the summer months. 

  5. AUG 2016

    Dining Gift Certificate by Andaz Tokyo

    Delight your loved ones by giving the gift of a dining experience at Andaz Tokyo, wrapped in a sophisticated package with a Japanese touch.

  6. AUG 2016

    Andaz Lounge & Bar

    Andaz Tavern - Afternoon Tea

    Enjoy a selection of homemade pastries and classic scones fresh from the oven, created by our Pastry Chef Masaki Okazaki.

  7. AUG 2016

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Summer Crush

    Summer is the season of vibrant and refreshing fruits in Japan, with Rooftop Bar’s mixologist, Ryuichi Saito creating some of the most popular summer cocktails – mojitos, caiprinhas and kakigori style cocktails.

  8. AUG 2016


    BeBu – Nouryo Kai BBQ

    Enjoy BeBu summer special barbeque indoors or on the terrace with free flowing draft beers and wines where it’s set to please with mouth-watering sharing plates, fresh salads, and a sizzling barbeque throughout the hot summer days. 

  9. AUG 2016

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Fresh Fruit KAKIGORI

    Delicate shaved ice served with an abundance of summer seasonal fruits including white peaches and strawberries, and passion fruit and mango. 

  10. SEP 2016


    BeBu – Oktoberfest

    BeBu, the neighborhood café and bar, brings the world famous Oktoberfest to Andaz Tokyo, presented in the hotel’s distinctive style. 

  11. SEP 2016

    Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar - Gin Craze Tales

    During September and October, Andaz mixologists Ryuichi Saito and Akira Abe will take guests on a journey through exciting and rare gins while offering experimental ways to enjoy them. 

  12. SEP 2016

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Hokkaido Paella

    Hokkaido, famous for its seafood and agricultural products is perfect for our Andaz Tavern paella, a well-known Spanish rice dish, cooked with the best ingredients Hokkaido has to offer. Paella is cooked with an assortment of seafood, featuring Hakodate Surume Squid, Shirogai Clam and Wassamu rice chosen especially for this dish.

  13. OCT 2016

    Pastry Shop

    Pastry Shop – Halloween Sweets

    For a limited time only, our award-winning Pastry Chef Masaki Okazaki will offer a lineup of creative treats to celebrate Halloween.

  14. OCT 2016

    Andaz Tavern Dining

    Andaz Tavern – Tuna "Nose to tail"

    The chefs at Andaz Tavern are offering a “Nose-to-tail” experience showcasing tuna, Japan’s most popular fish.

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